To many other TVB Chinese fans out there, TVB was a part of childhood. It was a family thing. We watched TVB as we grew up, with our family after dinner or on a Sunday night at the end of the week.

But, as my family fell out of TVB, I kind of just stuck to it. I think 2005 was the year when I really started to watch almost every TVB series that came out. 2005 was also a year when BERMO (Bernice Liu and Moses Chan) and BOSCOLIE (Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu) rumors started. I didn’t actually started catching on them until 2007.

After 2007, I was just the typical fangirl. When will BERMO and BOSCOLIE admit that they’re dating? There were breakup rumors somewhere there and here, but somehow they still seemed like the two perfect couples. Then December 2010 came. Bermo broke up. It took about half a year for me to let it go. I started to shift my attention to Boscolie. They seemed to be stable, I thought.

And indeed, us Boscolie fans were not let down in December 2011. When Myolie gave her acceptance speech after receiving TVB Best Actress, Bosco was not the only one beaming offstage. People watching her speech from TV screens or computer screens were also beaming as well. We just could not hide our smiles. The press continued to ask about their relationship, as it was an “unofficial”, but “formal” announcement. No one had expected they would announce it like that!

In March 2012, their Mainland drama, “Racecourse” finally aired and they even walked up to the stage hand in hand. It was as if they were living in the fairytale, and fans were watching a fairytale happen in real life. That was until July 2012 came. Not even eight months after her acceptance speech, it was reported that they broke up. We all thought of the same thing: this cannot be true.

But, indeed it was true. She even admitted that they broke up in good terms back in May. He said he would win her back. But, when it came to public appearances, they did not even acknowledge each other. I stopped having hope in them about two months after the news report came out. Compared to the time it took with Bermo, it was rather quick. It was time to move on.

In other words, for a good five years, I spent smiling in what I thought were two fairytales. But, one shattered after the other. Other Bermo and Boscolie fans shared the same fate: having faith and believing they were real and then realizing they broke up. I still reminisce about the two ex-couples every once in a while. Reminiscing is part of life, after all. But, it seems like all four of them have moved on.

TVB, to me now, is just entertainment. You can say I am not as devoted of a fan as what I used to be a few years back. Yes, I still watch TVB series, but if I don’t understand it or don’t want to watch it, I simply drop it without regretting. It might also be because I have another source of entertainment: Thai lakorns.


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