TVB Favorites

List of my favorite TVB actors and actresses:

Benjamin Yuen Banner

I started paying attention to Ben while watching “Til Love Do Us Lie”. The storyline of Alvin (Benjamin Yuen) and June (Lin Xia Wei) was just too catchy for me! Ben is slowly making his way up.

Bosco Wong Banner

I wasn’t really a dedicated fan of Bosco, until his breakup with Myolie Wu. I don’t know why, but I began to sympathize him. I felt bad for him, although we kind of know which party was the one to blame for the breakup. His most recent series have proved to be a hit and it seems like he has the potential to be #1 in TVB.

Ruco Chan Banner

Ever since his return to TVB from ATV, I’ve watched every single of his series. I watched as he rose from playing supporting roles to leading roles. Ruco proves he can play both the good and bad characters, delivering all the roles with perfection. I see potential in Ruco to get Best Actor some time in the near future. He just has the potential!

Tony Hung Banner

With a strong hosting background, Tony Hung started taking on supporting roles, but soon stepped up to male lead roles. His smirk and his smile are what makes him cute, yet sneaky in recent dramas. Tony as a pirate in “Captain of Destiny” surely is not something to be missed! He is another actor who has potential!

Linda Chung Banner

Although Linda didn’t have to work her way up, since she first debuted in “Virtues of Harmony II” as one of the main characters, she still worked hard to fight against the harsh criticisms she received from the public. She was always playing the ‘goody-goody’ roles, which reflected her real personality. She is known to be religious and never caught partying. Later on in her career, she played villainous roles. But what makes Linda likable is her dedication to all her works.

Nancy Wu Banner

Nancy is another example of someone who worked her way up. Lately, she has been getting bigger roles in series. Her recent roles have won her praises from many experienced actors and actresses.


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