Thai Lakorns

Well, I started watching Thai dramas during a hotel stay in China. As there was nothing else to watch, I randomly flipped through the channels. Anhui TV was airing a dubbed version of “Ka Khong Koon”. The Chinese title for it was “人的价值” (“A Person’s Value”). It was one of the first few episodes. And until I saw Thai letters on a banner in the series, I had thought it was a Chinese drama all along!

During the stay in China, I continued to follow the series. When I came back from vacation, I rewatched the series from the beginning, although I had watched just about the entire series in China. Thus, I started to research on Pong Nawat and his other series. I came upon “Dum Kham” and decided to watch that since it was a comedy.

Since then, I watch Thai lakorns occasionally. Sometimes, I watch it as it airs live. Sometimes, I watch it when all the subs for the episodes are out. And sometimes, I just randomly stroll through a series. My knowledge of the Thai entertainment circle has expanded greatly since I first started watching.


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