Thai Favorites

List of my favorite Thai actors and actresses:

Pong Nawat Banner

Pong was in the first Thai drama I watched: “Ka Khong Koon”, in which he played a rich playboy. I found him to be charming, especially when he sneakily smiled. And amazingly, he has a lot of Chinese fans. Later in the year, I watched “Dum Kham” and loved the character he played. Although he tends to play similar characters in different lakorns, he does bring out each character’s personalities differently.

Weir Sukollawat Banner

Oh Weir, where do I even begin? I don’t remember how I stumbled upon him, but “Nangfah Gub Mafia” was the first drama I watched of him. I knew he broke up with Pancake and the press made a really big deal out of it, but I secretly think he buffed up to win her back, although he says they are still friends. It wasn’t until “Roy Lae Sanae Luang” that he became my favorite Thai actor. At the time it was airing, there were mixed reviews of the series. Some loved the slap/kiss theme and others hated the poor editing. I didn’t start watching from the beginning at first, so I didn’t know. But when I skimmed through the series, I found the series to be revengeful and sweet at the same time. I had to watch the series from beginning to end. It seems like whoever he stars along with in dramas, I tend to like the main actress as well. Maybe Weir is just too good of an actor and can lead the actress into the role and make us, the viewers fall in love with him and the characters in the series! Sometimes I don’t know how to describe him: handsome, charming, loveable, playful, good-looking, adorable, funny? Perhaps perfect?

James Ma Banner

I haven’t watched the entire “Khun Chai Ronapee”, but at the time it was airing, everyone was going crazy over James Ma and Mint Chalida, so I decided to watch a bit. I skimmed through some parts here and there. And indeed, he delivered the character quite well. It was his first series, but everyone saw potential in him. It might be also due to the fact that he is from Hong Kong and can speak Cantonese, it seems as if we have the language connection.

Noon Woranuch Banner

Noon was also in “Ka Khong Koon”. Since that was the first Thai series I watched, it was just natural that I would like her as an actress. For 20 episodes, I watched how she hated Pong to how she fell in love with Pong. We joined her through the rollercoaster ride of emotions. She displays elegance and is titled as “Thailand’s Most Beautiful Woman”.

Tangmo Pataritda Banner 

Tangmo was in “Dum Kham” with Pong. The comedy was really funny, in part thanks to Tangmo covering herself in black to mock Pong. I did try to look up her older series, but they were unsuccessful attempts. I was really happy to learn that she would be main actress next to Weir in “Nak Soo Maha Gaan”. I’ve watch snippets of that series so far.

Pancake Khemanit Banner

Pancake was in “Nangfah Gub Mafia” with Weir. As I was watching the series, I thought they had pretty good chemistry, as I read beforehand that they had dated, but broke up. But, I didn’t know they had filmed the series after they broke up. But despite their past relationship, they still delivered the roles with nice chemistry. I sometimes still secretly wish they were back together.

Mai Davika Banner 02

Mai Davika played the one struggling in “Roy Lae Sanae Luang”. Although others thought otherwise, I thought she had pretty good chemistry with Weir. She seems sweet, young, and playful when placed alongside with Weir. I hope she collaborates with Weir in the near future.


2 comments on “Thai Favorites

  1. Hi love_of_tvb,

    I liked the way how you described Weir. He is indeed such an excellent actor. I did not watch Weir until La Ruk Sut Kob Fah. I got hooked then and went back to watch some of his previous lakorns(ones that are still available on youtube).
    I am just wondering if you’re going to do a recap on Prao, Weir and Aum Patcharapa’s new lakorn.

    • Hi Bopha, Which other of Weir’s lakorns did you watch? I would like to finish La Ruk first before I get to anything else. Time is a main concern for me right now. I can’t say when my next post will be up. But hopefully soon!

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