9 comments on “…On Raising the Bar

  1. Totally agree with you on your assessment! The whole Lee Dan mess was so obvious a setup that anyone could see it; however, as most institutions prefer to save face and not someone career, that was actually realistic in my estimation. This drama would have been great had it been shorter; you’re right but overall, I enjoyed it and I believe I gave it the same grade as you. Difference between barristers and solicitors; one is a public servant while the other is in private practice. I love dramas! I watched this because of Louis Cheung who was in Black Heart White Soul which I absolutely loved!

    • Haha I wanted to just take the pyscho Lee Dan off the screen! And I didn’t like the change of Giselle at the later half of the episodes, or was it just me?

      • And it was also kinda annoying with how she and Quinton just so happen to always have the wrong timing and then all of a sudden it was perfect timing at the very end… The end was cheesy, in my opinion.

      • For Giselle and Quinton, it would have been either an ambiguous ending or a happy ending. And they rushed it so much for a happy ending. On a side note, the other relationships developed quite well. And Don… what’s the need for his role again? For Vivian to reevaluate her marriage?

      • I hated that whole thing! I could see if Marcus was a d***! Perfect husband and you cheat?!! Okay, I hate cheaters! And what was sad, I think he knew….

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