8 comments on “John Ma and Alex! It’s About Time!!

  1. FINALLY they are together!!! took them long enough! lol been waiting since the episode where they first interacted! but i’m so mad at tvb for leaving us hanging and not giving us even ONE scene with them after the episode ended….too much focus on Florence Kwok and Kenny Wong lately…..i find their relationship boring HAHA. but i saw some super cute pictures of Alex and John Ma!! can’t wait to watch their cutesey scenes! 😀

    • Yeah, same here. But I like the part in episode 437 where Florence Kwok played the voice recording of John Ma saying he hadn’t, doesn’t, and won’t like Alex and he got so worried. I saw cute pictures of them too!! I think those air next week!!

  2. oh yeah…sorry for the spam…but i also heard CHL is ending production soon…? know anything about it? i guess now that everybody’s in a relationship (almost even Angel Chiang) they’re gonna wrap things up hahaa…but i’m gonna miss the Ma Family….

    • I’m not sure about the ending production part, but I don’t think so. It’s probably just wrapping up some things before they get a few days off for Chinese New Year. But I read that they were going to have 700 episodes, or more, if they continued to have sponsors, which I don’t mind anymore because I would like to see more of John Ma and Alex.

      They also added Katy Kung and apparently Oceane Zhu is coming back, so they’re still going strong!

      I read some episode summaries for next week. There are bits of them throughout the week, but Thursday’s episode is what we should look forward to!

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