7 comments on “This Year in Review/Summary (2013)

    • Yep! Saw a lot of familiar faces. Joey Meng (tragic storyline), Alice Chan (her wig was funny), Ruco Chan, and Raymond Wong.

      I never saw it when I was younger. But I felt that this wasn’t a bad series. I quite liked it actually.

    • The sitcoms are lighthearted, sometimes a good laugh.

      In the past, I watched almost all the series, but I can’t be bothered to sit through a series I do not understand anymore. Haha.

      • Haha. I used to do that too, but then some schoolwork really required focus, so I would just enjoy the series I like and gave up on the rest.

        But Til Love Do Us Lie was pretty good too. Short and just right. But Come Home Love… Is just getting draggy…

      • Half the time the series are just running as background noise. I usually multitask while watching TVB series.

        Come Home Love has been getting good ratings so TVB wants to eat off it which explains for the dragginess.

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