8 comments on “The Latest on Come Home Love

  1. as much as i like come home love 700 episodes is a lot…hahah
    i’ve been waiting since the first episodes for alex and john ma to get together lol i really hope oceane is not coming back to break them up (not that they’re together yet =P) and i never liked her character too whiny haha

    • TVB just doesn’t get that enough is enough! Haha.

      They should have long developed John Ma and Alex’s storyline. I see absolutely no point in Oceane coming back. And I agree with you. Her character is so whiny…

  2. I just want to know will angel and leung fun ever be together again ? I really like them two I don’t like Kenny wong to be angel ma boyfriend . especially he sister I can’t stand her she nothing but are trouble maker.

  3. I hope not I don’t; even like Kenny wong at all I would rather see angel with someone else but I don’t understand why is angle and leung fun break up in the first place they are such are good couple and leung fun love her so much . and do a lot of thing for her . if is got to do with he mother interfere it

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